Truxta 4x4 Powered Wheelbarrow

The Truxta 4×4 Powered Wheelbarrow is the best new alternative to material removal

Out With the Old, In with the New

The best, most affordable way to replace your old wheelbarrow with a modern alternative that will complete the same work without the back-breaking work.

Made in the UK

Truxta Dumpers have been designed and manufactured in the UK to ensure high quality

Midlands-Based Truxta Hire & Sales

Designed and manufactured in the UK

The Truxta Powered Wheelbarrow was designed and manufactured in the UK

A larger size for a larger job

Not only does the Truxta Powered Wheelbarrow come in a 300kg payload, but a 450kg payload model is also available to cater for extra weighted materials

Designed to operate in tight spaces

The Truxta Powered wheelbarrow dumpers are only 746mm wide which enables these great machines to go where other powered wheelbarrows cannot go.

Articulated for Better Handling

The articulated chassis of the Truxta Powered Wheelbarrow Dumpers allows for smooth and simple handling of the machines. The chassis design allows for easy manoeuvrability around corners or in tight spaces with no need to lift or reposition the dumper.

Lightweight for easy transportation

The Truxta Dumper units weigh in at only 200kg which ensures that the machines are easily transported and stored

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Looking for more Information?

If you would like some more information about the Truxta, or you are looking to hire or purchase a machine give us a call or an email, we will be happy to help.

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